Readings at Milk&Roses: February 11th

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Readings at Milk&Roses – January 7th

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Readings at Milk&Roses – December 10th

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Readings at Milk&Roses

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Thank you to last night’s talent: Gabe Kruis, Andrew Gorin, Alina Gregorian, & David Paarlberg! Our next event will be December 10th.  Details coming soooon.

Poetry in Performance – Robert Creeley

November 3, 2011 § 1 Comment

I’ve been listening to the PennSound Archive and analyzing poets’ reading styles.  Here’s a response to Creeley reading his poems “The Whip” & “For Love” in 1963 at the University of Arizona Poetry Center.

Robert Creeley famously equivocates.  In “The Whip,” he vacillates between a woman in his bed and a woman on the roof, a current lover and a potential or former. Creeley injects his printed poems with vacillation through heavy enjambment: “addressed myself to in / a fit she / returned.  That / encompasses it.  But now I was / lonely.”  He indicates the moment he requires to contemplate his word choice with the line break.  Read aloud, these momentary deliberations fragment a straightforward narrative, as if Creeley is a close friend stammering through a confession of his predicament for the first time.  His reading of “For Love,” conveys the same feeling, as he tries to dictate a love poem on the spot, but constantly scratches his head and eyes the floor and never knows what to say.  “If the moon did not… / no, if you did not / I wouldn’t either, but / what would I not / do.”  Creeley speaks candidly, sometimes his voice appears close to tears when he cannot decide, as if he didn’t have a finished poem on a podium to read.

Readings at Milk&Roses

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PeopleHerd launches its reading series.  Hear the herd.  November 3rd.

The Stages of Saul Williams

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Saul Williams identifies as a griot, a West African poet/musician/story-teller, able to reach his audience through many mediums, able to combine all mediums, have his message transcend medium.  In his book The Dead Emcee Scrolls, Williams professes his deep-seeded love for hip-hop, and how he stumbled into poetry while an NYU graduate student in acting.  Scrolls features words Saul has spoken onstage as slam poetry and rapped as lyrics on his album, Amethyst Rock Star.  Yet the same words act differently when wrapped in new packaging, when stretched across new mediums initially not their intention. « Read the rest of this entry »

PeopleHerd on Electric Literature

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Patrick Gaughan writes about a Brooklyn Book Festival panel which included Sam Lipsyte and Chuck Klosterman for Electric Literature.  Read here.

PeopleHerd on Lit Crawl

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The founders of People Herd will read this Saturday night, September 10th, as part of LitCrawlNYC!

Details:  Vig Bar, 12 Spring St., 8pm

LitCrawl’s events run all night on the 10th, all around Downtown Manhattan.  See LitCrawlNYC’s full schedule.

PeopleHerd on PEN America

August 23, 2011 § 2 Comments

Congratulations to PeopleHerd’s Patrick Gaughan, winner of the July PEN Shorts Competition!  Read it here.

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